How to Select Between Landscape Designers in Sydney

A beautifully designed landscape not only increases personal enjoyment but also adds to the value of your property. A professional landscape company can bring your vision to life by designing and selecting the perfect plants for you space.

With so many landscape designers in Sydney, how do you pick the right one? Check out our top tips to find the landscaper that is right for you.

Top 5 things to look for in landscape design services:

1. Complete service company

So you’ve decided to landscape your space and don’t know where to start. Choosing a company that offers complete solutions will alleviate a great deal of stress. No matter the size of the project, full service companies handle everything from the initial design through to delivery and maintenance. As they have control over the whole process, they will be able to accurately deliver projects on time and within your budget.

2. Industry membership and connections

Landscape designers in Sydney that are members of organisations show commitment to the industry. Affiliation with associations such as LNA Master Landscapers verifies that the company is recognised and are devoted to professionalism and a code of ethics. Industry connections allow for competitive prices and specialised resources that you may not be able to obtain otherwise.

3. Reputable

An esteemed reputation isn’t something that can happen overnight. Reviewing a company’s portfolio and recognising how long they have been in operation, are ways to gain an insight into the level of industry expertise. Companies that have an established name will openly discuss and display their previous projects and have past clients support their work in references, reviews or testimonials.

4. Creativity

It is the role of a landscape design service to propose an aesthetic and sustainable plan that is unique to your space. Creativity in landscape design is the successful blending of new features with existing structures in original and innovative ways. Selecting the best materials and plants to use in that specific location and climate is also important, whilst considering the level of maintenance required. Ultimately, the designer should always keep the client’s project requirements and budget at the forefront of the design.

5. Open communication and shared vision

When choosing the right landscape designer in Sydney, it is important to openly discuss your expectations, requirements and vision. Finding a company that offers free quotes and consultations is a great idea. Looking at their past projects will also give you an idea of their design style and capability. Complete service companies are always recommended as landscape designers communicate and consult with construction experts throughout the design process, ensuring a successful completed project.

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