Landscaping Trends of 2018

With the new year in full swing, we’re looking at the biggest landscaping trends in Sydney for 2018. This year brings a shift in maximising enjoyment in outdoor areas through self sufficiency and incorporating unique garden elements.
Here is our pick of the top 6 landscaping trends this year:

1. Outdoor Spaces

One trend that has taken the scope of landscaping Sydney by storm is the use of outdoor spaces. The trend of outdoor rooms picked up at the end of last year and is believed to peak this year. While outdoor areas used to be considered separate areas, they are now considered to be extensions of the home. Outdoor spaces are areas outdoors that serve the function of spaces that are traditionally seen indoors.

There is arguably nothing more Australian than a BBQ. Outdoor kitchen and dining areas are becoming increasingly popular as the demand for a relaxed living and lifestyle in open air has spiked.

Blending a well designed outdoor space with the rest of the house makes for an enjoyable entertainment area as well as adding value to your property.

2. Fire Pits

Fire pits have gained popularity over the years, serving as solutions to colder nights and adding aesthetically pleasing, yet functional, backyard elements.

Practical all year round, built in fire pits can function as a table or used for cooking in the summer and a source of warmth and ambience in the winter. The perfect way to impress and entertain guests, fire pits create a focal point in a backyard that also gives the illusion of a larger space.

3. Textured Floors

Trends around landscaping in Sydney last year saw the concept of minimalism with large, clean pavers. This year, textured paving with an organic feel such as cobblestone, limestone and granite are making a statement.

Drawn to the flexibility and freedom to create interesting designs, textured pavers can add a unique feature to your home reflective of your personal style.

4. Plant Varieties

When considering landscaping for your Sydney property, you must contemplate factors such as the temperature and rainfall. Succulents and cacti will continue to be popular this year both inside and outside the house. Ideally grown in hot, sunny spot in the garden, these hardy plants are great for the Australian climate.

This year will also bring back cloud pruned plants, a japanese method of shaping trees and shrubs to resemble clouds. This style suits most most landscapes and adds an interesting feature to the garden.

5. Growing our own

As demand for natural and organic increases and food prices rises, there is a movement towards self sufficiency through growing your own vegetables. People are incorporating high protein foods in their landscaping to yield fresh produce all year round. For those who don’t have an abundance of space, legumes such as broad beans, runner beans and peas work great in vertical gardens. Herbs such as basil, coriander, mint and rosemary can be grown in box containers which can be easily integrated or simply sit on the balcony.

5. Focus on craftsmanship

With the abundance and overwhelming quality of mass produced products around us, there has been a growing interest in unique handcrafted pieces. Whether it’s designing and building a water feature, pergola or sculpture, clients are looking for elements that are unique to their garden and cannot be found elsewhere.

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