How Can Landscape Designers Transform your Sydney Property?

For those who are wanting to transform their backyards this season but are unsure where to start, engaging the help of a landscape designer is the first step forward. First, it is important to understand the scope of work of a landscape designer and what it is they do exactly.  

The role of a landscape designer Sydney and across Australia, is to create attractive and functional outdoor spaces. Landscape designers provide a pathway between clients and contractors to ensure the success of your landscape from concept to completion. Landscape designers can work independently, alongside design firms, government organisations and in full service landscaping companies.


The Landscape Design Services Process:


  1. Design consultation.

A design consultation is the first step in the landscape design services process. This is an on-site meeting between the client and the landscape designer with the objective of discussing ideas based on how the client desires to use the space. During this time, the landscape designer can inspect the area, take down measurements and note any structural limitations that should be taken into design consideration. In order to select the right plants, the designer must understand the space and take into account factors such as climate, soil quality and existing vegetation.

For hardscape construction, it is important to survey the land to know exactly where other structures are located, including power lines and underground pipes. Guessing the location of these could be ineffective, limiting and very costly.

Landscape designers Sydney also like to use this time to present their landscape design services portfolio, allowing the client to review previous work.

  1. Concept Plan

After the consultation, the landscape designer will take the time to review ideas, taking into consideration the client’s lifestyle, budget and requirements. The landscape designer will then develop a concept plan. This can include sketches, elevations, 3d drawings of design elements, material samples and plant varieties. The primary purpose of this stage is to equip the client with all the tools for them to realistically imagine the visual of the new landscape.

Discussion between the client and landscape designer are important during this stage and plans may be amended based on the client’s feedback.

  1. Documentation

Most developments in the local area require a development application (DA). To get development approval, you must find out if your proposed development is permissible, what the required fees are and how the Council’s plans and policies affect the proposed development. Proper preparation and lodgement of the DA form is essential for most developments however there are some minor developments that are exempt and do not require consent from Council, but rather a certificate.

  1. Quote

Once documentation is approved, a final quote is provided.The quote includes a breakdown of the schedule of the work to be completed, the expected completion timeframe and associate costs involved with each element- such as the cost of individual plant types, and the cost of labour to name a couple factors.  

  1. Construction

The construction process involves ordering materials, plants and any other resources needed for the successful installation of the project. Employing a team of skilled, professional landscape contractors is vital to the quality and overall success of the project. Landscape designers can normally recommend a trusted team they have worked with before. Landscape designers Sydney also oversee the budget, timetable and quality control of all design elements.

  1. Maintenance

The landscape design services that you employ should provide care instructions for your plants after installation to ensure you know how to properly tend to them. Alternately, some companies are full service, allowing for a seamless handling from installation to maintenance.


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